MySQL backup db script


You want to back up your mysql database.



This script is good for backups, as it will generate a dump – zipped and as the day of the week is used (in the backup file name), automatically rolls every 7 days.

Run it daily or every other day. If you want a months worth, guess can just change the date command, etc.



 #!/bin/zsh  [ $# -ne 1 ] && {     echo "Usage: $0 db"     exit 1 }  db=$1 dbd="/PATH_TO_YOUR_BUS/$db.$(/bin/date +%a)"    # set the path alias mysqldump="/usr/bin/mysqldump"            # you may need to modify this alias gzip="/bin/gzip"                          # may need to change this too # set your password and user mysqldump --user=root --password=your_password $db > $dbd  gzip --best --force $dbd exit 0 


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