Step by step howto – display a warning before leaving site


Sometimes there is an audit requirement, to let customers know a link is off your site and therefore you take no further responsibility for it. For example, a reference to an external associate site.



I’ve just used some simple javascript code, which is triggered by the click (onclick event). This pops up a warning, which can be accepted or rejected. Accepting goes to the desired site, whilst reject just aborts.



Or you can see it in its own page here: demo of accepting to leave a site

Here is the source code of the link:

 <script> function Terms() {'/common/demoP/popup.html','windowName','width=500,height=300');     if (!popup.opener) popup.opener = self; } </script>  Hi there - below you'll see a link to  When you click it, a popup will appear that you need to accept to follow the link.

<a href="#" onClick="Terms()">

Here is the source of the popup:

 <script> function supressError() { return true; }  function load(url) { window.onerror = supressError;     opener.location.href = url; } </script>  Warning you are about to leave my cool site,
only click 'Leave' if you absolutely want too! <form> <input type=submit value="Don't Leave!" onClick="javascript:self.close()"> <input type=submit value="Leave" onClick="javascript:load('');self.close()"> </form>


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