uuencode send attachments


You want to send an attachment, from UNIX command line or from within a shell script



uuencode works a treat with Solaris. Not sure on RH Linux, etc.



cat filename | uuencode wat_u_want_attatch_2b_called.ext | mail -s "this is the subject and here is wat u want attach 2b called" email_addr

Simple as that, it will send the filename as an attachment to a blank email, with your subject.

Here is a demo:

cat index.php | uuencode index.php | mail -s "test uuencode" [email protected]

To do multiple attachments, simply cat files – then uuencode them into a temp file. Like this:

cat file1.doc | uuencode attach1.doc > /tmp/send1.doc

Repeat this for say file2 into attach2 and send2. Then to send them all do this:

cat /tmp/send[0-9].doc | mail -s "your subj" youraddr



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