openssl many uses


  1. You want to generate a self-signed certificate?
  2. Encrypt a message with triple des
  3. View base 64 encoded data
  4. Generate and use random data
  5. Test ciphers
  6. Monitor certificate expiry dates



openssl to the rescue! 🙂 See examples.



  1. openssl code to generate self-signed cert
  2. encrypt with tripledes
  3. openssl base64 [ -d ]
    # encrypted with base64.
  4. Useful fortransfering control/binary content – like this:

    dd bs=1 count=512 if=/dev/urandom | openssl base64

    Also useful for reading mail

    openssl base64 -d /var/spool/mqueue/qfk3GAlBMn018552

  5. Using openssl s_client to test ciphers supported, with automated script – then loop sites and email.
  6. Using openssl s_client to extract expiry dates, with automated script – then loop sites and email.
  7. [/example]


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