YUM fails with 404


If you (like me) was well keen, to get your shiny new fedora core 5 system up and running. Then you run yum and think, hang on that ain’t right – 404. Linux is better than this!! 🙁



Don’t bother searching the news groups, for posts that go nowhere (like I did for close on 2 hours – that I’ll never get back!! 🙂 ), here is the answer –

www.fedorafaq.org Do a search for yum – follow the prompts and you’re in.



Nothing to see here, check out the solution tab.



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2 Replies to “YUM fails with 404”

  1. Shiny new FC5? You mean old, two releases back, and no longer supported (as of today).

    Try Fedora 7.

  2. Thanks notthemomma. Fedora 7 – great I’ll have to download it and give it a blast. Do you have the official download link to hand.

    I’ve been migration techie-blogs.com to coding-school.com – thus this old post.

    Hopefully yum will work a treat with this version. 🙂

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