who command 5 ways


You want to know who is on the system. Or which userid you are using.
What runlevel you are at – or when the system was booted.

All doable with who.



See the example and reference tabs, to see 5 ways to run who, showing different things about the system and users.



1. Basic

[marcus@bagend puterpet]$ who
marcus pts/1 Sep 19 16:07 (
marcus pts/3 Sep 22 17:46 (

2. With Heading and Idle time dot means currently active.

[marcus@bagend puterpet]$ who -Hu
marcus pts/1 Sep 19 16:07 ? 29984 (
marcus pts/3 Sep 22 17:46 . 29566 (

3. Show who I am in the current shell and where I came from.

[marcus@bagend puterpet]$ who am i
marcus pts/3 Sep 22 17:46 (

4. Show the current run level Shows boot time and last runlevel too.

[marcus@bagend puterpet]$ who -r
run-level 5 Sep 9 10:47 last=S

5. Show last boot time

[marcus@bagend puterpet]$ who -b
system boot Sep 9 10:47



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