AIX ODM removing device


Someone removes a tty, printer, etc by doing rm /dev/lp3.

Then you cannot recreate the device, as system returns “already defined at that location”.



You can try to recreate the device with mknod, but need the major/minor numbers.

Then do rmdev -l lp1 -d.

To get major, minor numbers you need to query the ODM.



odmget -q "value3=lp1" CuDvDr

Should return something like:



The major number is 15 and minor 2.

Therefore mknod /dev/lp1 c 15 2 creates the device again.

Then rmdev -l /dev/lp1 -d should remove it cleanly.

In extreme cases, where this still does not remove it, you may have to manipulate
the ODM directly. * Proceed with caution *


cd /etc/objrepos
cp -i CuDv CuDv.$(date +%j)
cp -i CuAt CuAt.$(date +%j)
cp -i CuDvDr CuDvDr.$(date +%j)

Remove ODM entries

odmdelete -q "name=lp1" CuAt
odmdelete -q "name=lp1" CuDv
odmdelete -q "value=lp1" CuDvDr
synclvodm rootvg # resync odm

Reboot if necessary.



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