Perl Operators

Perl Operators

In Perl, the comparison operators are divided into two classes:

  • Comparison operators that work with numbers
  • Comparison operators that work with strings

Integer-Comparison Operators

  Operator Description            Greater than  ==       Equal to  =       Greater than or equal to  !=       Not equal to   Comparison returning 1, 0, or -1  

Each of these operators yields one of two values:

  • True, or nonzero
  • False, or zero

The operator is a special case. Unlike the other integer comparison operators, returns one of three values:

  • 0, if the two values being compared are equal
  • 1, if the first value is greater
  • -1, if the second value is greater

String-Comparison Operators

For every numeric-comparison operator, Perl defines an equivalent string-comparison operator.

  String operator Comparison operation   lt              Less than  gt              Greater than  eq              Equal to  le              Less than or equal to  ge              Greater than or equal to  ne              Not equal to !=  cmp             Compare, returning 1, 0, or -1  


  #!/usr/bin/perl   $a="";  $b="";  if($a eq $b)  {  print "Both are same";  }  else  {  print "Both are different";  }  
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