Using FIFOs


You want to create and use an UNIX FIFO.



FIFO means first in, first out.

To create a FIFO (also called a named pipe), UNIX supplies the mknod command.



This is the code to generate a FIFO:

$ mknod myFIFO p

Then the resulting named pipe:

$ ls -ld myFIFO
prw-r--r-- 1 marcus adm 0 Jun 13 21:15 myFIFO

To use the FIFO, you need to have a process that is reading from it. This could be a bit of Perl, C code, etc.

A perfect way to demonstrate using FIFOs, is tail -f:

$ tail -f myFIFO

Then a test:

$ echo "
Hello there
This is a test of FIFOs
" > myFIFO

From the tail -f when now see following output:

Hello there
This is a test of FIFOs



– as always an excellent description on wikipedia



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