Troubleshoot Apache Startup


Here are a few tips, if you are having problems starting apache.

1. A common problem is trying to start Apache on a restricted port. This is where you configure apache to listen on port 80, changing the default 8080.

2. Another problem can be defining logging into directories that don’t exist.

3. If you get an error like User not allowed, or Group not recognized, etc – this is the User and Group statements within your apache configs.



1. On UNIX this is considered restricted and generally only available to the root user. On windows it is also commonly restricted, so requires an admin account.

2. This will generally output an error along those lines, into apache’s top level error log. Failing that you can try running apache with truss (search my site to find syntax) on Solaris, strace on Linux and trace on AIX.

3. You need to change to match the user running the command – or if root, the delegated user and group user is in.

Another tip is to run /etc/init.d/httpd configtest – which will effectively run httpd -t to syntax check the config. You can also perform a -S which checks and prints your virtual hosts.

If you getting compliants about modules, try running httpd -l to see compile in mods.



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