Debugging shell scripts


You need to debug a shell script.



Most shells (zsh, ksh, bash …) can either run with a minus x (-x) option or by specifying set -x.

If you have an existing shell, that you’d like to run in debug mode – just run it like this: bash -x scriptname. Or ksh -x for korn shell.



You can also edit the follow and put a minus x after the interpreter line, for example:

#!/bin/ksh -x


#!/bin/bash -x

Debugging on the command line can be performed, simply by typing set -x. Like this:

$ set -x
+ set -x
$ date
+ date
Tue Jun 13 18:59:44 WST 2006
$ echo "hello world"
+ echo 'hello world'
hello world
$ set +x
+ set +x
$ date
Tue Jun 13 18:59:57 WST 2006



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