scan network port with perl


You want to test a network port, on a remote system – over TCP/IP.

Maybe this is a new setup, or you want confirmation it is working.

Perhaps the firewall rules have just been changed! 🙂



A nice small bit of Perl code that I’ve used thousands of times!

In fact I’m running it in most of my production environments,
as a check that the a process is not only running – but also responding.

Yep, you could just use telnet – but some systems have that taken off for security.

Additionally it is n’t as easy to program telnet – I know, I know – you can with expect. 🙂



Here is just a one liner, but you can easily incorporate this into a script.

perl -MIO::Socket -e '$socket=IO::Socket::INET->
if($@) { print "Failed: $@n" } else { print "Succeedn"; }' host port



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