Simple Basic UNIX Permission Denied


You are quite happily editing away, then you come to save … oh dear, permission denied.

Either the file is set to readable, or it is owned by another user.

But you have write permission to the directory, either by user or group!



If it is just a simple case of the file being unwritable and you own it, if in vi following the first example.

If you are not the owner, write the file to /tmp. Then follow the second example.



Allow write permission to a file you are currently vi editing – but the file is not writable.

:!chmod u+w %

If you are not the owner, no need to worry, even without root we can change the owner if you have write access to the directory! 🙂

mv -i your_filename /tmp/
cp -i /tmp/ your_filename

Obviously if not in vi, you’ll need to break out to a shell using the mechanism in your editor. Also you may not have zsh, so ksh – bash, etc will do.

I tend to do all this on the command line, with a semi-colon between the mv and cp – so I can use command line expansion (the move has not happened yet!).

mv -i thefile[tab] /tmp/thefileXXXX;cp -i /tmp/thefileXXXX . [return]



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