Perl WIN32 OLE – Outlook save text


How to use Perl to connect to MS Outlook. Then descend through given folders and save items to disk, as text files.



I wrote this some time ago, to traverse predefined outlook mail folders, saving items with given subject to text.

Requires WIN32:OLE perl module (which comes with activeperl by default).

Hardcoded is the upload and uploaded mail folders. Also a subject that contains – pattern: upload.

I used one outlook rule to move items from a specific source, with this subject into upload.



Here is the code – if you have any dramas with it, leave a comment.


use Win32::OLE qw(in with);
use Win32::OLE::Const 'Microsoft Outlook';

# Connect to a running version of Outlook
eval { $Outlook =

die "Outlook not installed" if $@;

# If that fails start up Outlook
unless(defined $Outlook) {
   $Outlook =
     Win32::OLE->new('Outlook.Application', 'Quit')
   or die "Opps, cannot start Outlook";

# This appears to return a ref to the object
$namespace = $Outlook->GetNamespace('MAPI');
$thisFolder=$namespace->Folders("Mailbox - mailboxna")->
$toFolder=$namespace->Folders("Mailbox - mailboxna")->

# Workaround to be able to extract key/value pairs

# This is the number of items in designated folder
open(LOGFH,">> ol_save_to_text.log")
   or die("cannot open log filen");

# Drop out if there are no mail items in this folder
if($count > 0) {

   print LOGFH "Count: $count for $namen";

   open(FH,"> $filename")
   or die ("cannot open $filenamen");

   for($i=1;$i<=$count;$i++) {
     print LOGFH "Count: $countn";



     if($subject =~ /pattern: upload/) {
       print LOGFH "$i: $subjectn";
       print FH "$body";
     } else {


} else { print LOGFH "No Files to Processn"; }




Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts – Courtesy of RNIB

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