10 simple techie tips for lazy people


Don’t know about you, but I’m generally quite lazy. Why roll the mouse and click the screen,
when with a quick control c I can copy some text. 🙂



Learn 10 simple short cuts, which can save you hours.




Copy some text – select it then control c
Now it is in the clipboard.


Click where you want to paste it and control v to paste it. 😉

You can also right click with your mouse to cut and paste.


Minimise all windows, by holding down the windows key and press m


Kick off explorer, by holding down windows key and press e


Do a find by holding down windows key and press f


Switch between windows by holding down alt and pressing tab


Reverse tab through a HTML form, by holding down the shift key.


Open a web link in a new window, by holding down shift and clicking it


To type in a new web address, hold down alt and press d


Save a document with control s, print it with control p, undo a change with control z – sorry got carry away. 🙂


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